New York EMS Caught On Video Using Excessive Force – On Handcuffed Man Inside An Ambulance

Video contains strong language

According to the Facebook user, Antoinette Burns,  who posted the video, the man inside the ambulance was already handcuffed and not resisting in any way. CCOT has no way to verify the events leading up to the filming of this incident, but as you can see in the video, the EMS personnel hold the unidentified man down by placing their knees in his back. At one point in the video, one person is completely on top of the man, while he is in the floor.

The person filming states that the unidentified man was having problems breathing, shortly after being placed in a headlock.

As one person exits the ambulance, a witness says “it’s messed up how ya’ll have your knee in his back”. The EMS worker responds by saying “nobody has their knees in his back” – this is while the video is pointed at the workers inside the ambulance, with their knees in his back! has reached out to Antoinette Burns seeking more information relating to this incident.



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