Video of Anthony Ware Pepper Spraying incident in Tuscaloosa

(The time coding is for the longer video, not the edited video.)

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — The Tuscaloosa Police Department today released a lengthy video of its encounter with Anthony Ware, the man who was pepper sprayed by officers and later died while in custody.

The video, which is over two hours long, begins with around 31 minutes of audio before dash-cam footage begins. Around the 1:31:52 mark, officers can be heard talking on the radios confirming that the suspect was in custody. A few minutes later, around the 1:41:00 mark, officers can be heard talking about transporting the suspect to jail, not the hospital.

At 1:42:40, an officer can be heard asking the suspect if he can roll over. “Anthony, can you roll over?” Less than a minute later, an officer says, “Yea, he’s breathing. He just don’t want to cooperate.”

At 1:44:39, in an elevated, urgent voice, an officer can be heard saying “Hey, stay off the radio. You tell them we need rescue down here now!”

At 1:46:07, an officer asks if the suspect has a pulse.

At 1:47:02, an officer can be heard talking to his lieutenant on the radio, explaining the situation:

“They had Anthony Ware run from them way down up into the woods and we got him down here, he just completely collapsed on them. And they were trying to drag back him out of the woods, and [Officer] is down here with us, and she says she believes he’s gone into cardiac arrest. We don’t have a pulse.”

At 1:52:47, an officer can be heard recapping the events leading up to Ware’s collapse in the woods.

“He was sprayed,” an officer can be heard saying at the 1:53:30 mark. Approxiamtely 11 seconds later, the officer takes off running upon hearing a call for assistance in the woods. The next two minutes of the video includes sounds of officers grunting as they attempted to get Ware on a backboard so he can be taken to an awaiting ambulance.

At 1:55:45, someone suggests that the ambulance be moved closer to the woods.

“Get someone to pull the rescue truck right by this tree line so his family doesn’t see what’s going on.”

Around the 1:58:00 mark, video shows a disgruntled crowd of people gathered at the scene. One person can be heard screaming at the officers, “Y’all killed that man, dog!”

A little over a minute later, an officer can be heard warning another officer that a person in the crowd may be armed with a weapon.

“Just keep eyes on everyone’s hands. I bet you someone’s fixing to pull out a gun in a minute.”

At 1:59:15, someone responds, “I hope you’re wrong, but I think you’re right.”

Just over a minute later, paramedics can be seen taking Ware on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. At the 2:00:40 mark, you begin hearing a crowd of people yelling before others are shown recording video or taking pictures with their cell phones.

At 2:01:38, a man appears to be taking video as he screamed at officers, accusing them of assaulting Ware.

“You went in the woods behind him and she did too! Y’all beat that man! I know y’all did!” He would later allege that the officers were responsible for Ware’s death. “Y’all know that man is dead. Y’all did that!”

At 2:02:53, video shows the ambulance pulling away as an officer tells another officer, “When the rescue truck clears, we’re going.”

New footage from a different officer’s body camera picks up several seconds later, showing authorities by Ware’s side in the woods. At 2:04:16, an officer can be heard saying that he didn’t feel a pulse on Ware. Seconds later, an officer beings performing CPR on Ware.

For the next several minutes, officers can be heard, and occasionally seen, doing chest compressions on Ware.

At 2:09:22, a female officer begins explaining the situation:

“He ran in the woods, he was taken into custody. He started saying he couldn’t breathe and wouldn’t really help us get him out of the woods, but he was still conscious and talking to us. We were doing our best to drag him out of the woods, and then he coded. He went into agonal respirations and his pupils kind of got fixed and dialated. We started CPR right away, but so far, his pulse isn’t happening.”

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