UPDATE: Police Chief On Leave After DUI Stop Made Public

Chief Francis Fox

Chief Francis Fox

The Belchertown Select Board has voted to suspend Chief Francis Fox after allegations that he was driving drunk were made public. (Click here for the full story).

During the September 14th meeting, the board unanimously approved Chairman Ronald Aponte’s decision to put Police Chief Francis Fox on paid leave for what should have been a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday. The board also appointed Sgt. Bruce Jenks acting chief while former Chief Francis Fox is on administrative leave.

As to whether or not Chief Fox will be able to keep his job, Chairman Aponte stated that he reserved judgment on what consequences Chief Fox should face until after he has had a chance to respond. Chairman Aponte also stated that Chief Fox is “entitled to due process”.

I can only guess that Chairman Aponte has not read the police report or the email that Chief Francis Fox sent, admitting his guilt.

Email Sent By Chief Fox

Email Sent By Chief Fox

Board member Nicholas O’Connor seems to be a bit more optimistic, saying that he will wait and see if Chief Fox ‘lives up to standards of  responsibility, accountability and integrity that the position requires”.

So in the end, the Chief will most likely keep his job. I’m sure he will have time to think about his choices as he enjoy’s his taxpayer-funded vacation.



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