Skateboarding at the local park? Beware of the cops!

A fun day at a Ripon, California skate park turned into a nightmare for a 20-year-old man on Wednesday. According to a witness, the cops were called to the skate park because of a ‘noise complaint’. Once there, the over-zealous police began an ‘under the influence examination’, and as we’ve seen from past videos, members of the public are beginning to stand up against the corrupt cops. Unfortunately for Eduardo Maldonado, cops do not like anyone questioning their ‘authority’.

According to a press report by Ripon Police, they claim that “Due to Maldonado’s interference with the investigation and failure to follow the direction of the officers, officers attempted to identify Maldonado and advised him he was subject to arrest”.

This is a blatant lie. You can hear the officers clearly on the video stating that “We need your ID … because you’re still under investigation for being under the influence of narcotics”.
Of course, the police department knows that cops can’t randomly check people for being under the influence of narcotics without probable cause (pesky 4th Amendment), so they are making up this lie to cover the illegal arrest of Maldonado.

The police also say that “Maldonado was later booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for Obstruction/Delay/Resist of a Peace Officer. An additional charge of Battery on a Peace Officer has been forwarded to the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office for review.”




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