Racist, murdering cop finally resigns after being caught leaving racist, threatening messages

Vincent P. Igoe

Vincent P. Igoe

Vincent P. Igoe Jr., the now former Albany County Sheriff’s deputy, has officially resigned his position after a scandalous and violent career in law enforcement.

On March 20, 2010, Marcos DeJesus Alvarez was shot and killed by Deputy Igoe. According to the Deputy, Alvarez threw a rock at him, so he killed Alvarez on the spot. Conveniently for Deputy Igoe, his emergency lights were not on at the time, so no video of the incident was captured. A grand jury refused to indict Igoe, but the family has filed suit in this case.

On August 16, 2014, Deputy Igoe was the subject of more intense scrutiny after tasing 16-year-old Kelijah Fink, while he was on his knees with his hands above his head. This time, however, video was rolling and captured everything on camera. Deputy Igoe was suspended from the job a few days later, defending his action to tase Fink.

alvarez family

The wife and six children of Marcos DeJesus Alvarez, 36, who was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Upstate New York on March 20

Stephen G. DeNigris, Deputy Igoe’s attorney, blamed the suspension on ‘political correctness’, stating that he suspension was prompted by a recent police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., that has resulted in an ongoing standoff between police and protesters.

However, it was nothing on the job that brought about Deputy Igoe’s decision to abruptly resign from the sheriff’s department. In fact, his decision to resign was brought about this week as the department investigated allegations that he left threatening and racist messages on the voicemail of a Colonie, New York man.

One is left wondering how a cop like Igoe can stay on the force so long, given his racist and violent history. Perhaps his behavior is tolerated or even condoned by his comrades. After all, it was a few years ago when the same sheriff’s department was caught circulating emails on county computer systems, that contained racial epithets concerning Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, a black congresswoman from Texas.

Below is the video that shows Igoe tasing Fink



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