Pregnant Woman Wrestled To Ground By Officer, Despite Her Pleas


The ACLU released video — posted on YouTube — of a Barstow Police Officer wrestling an 8-months-pregnant woman to the ground. On Sunday, the Barstow Police Department issued the following statement:

“The City of Barstow has reviewed the video link regarding Charlena (Michelle) Cook’s arrest. It is apparent that Ms. Cook actively resisted arrest. The Barstow Police Department continues to be proactive in training its officers to assess and handle interactions with emotionally charged individuals while conducting an investigation, for the protection of everyone involved. This incident was in no way racially motivated, as implied by the ACLU. Barstow is a racially diverse community as is our Police Department, and we affirm our Police Department’s commitment to protect and serve all of our residents.”

The ACLU said the woman was wrestled to the ground after she refused to give the officer her name. The woman was heard on the tape screaming “Do not touch me” and telling the officer she was pregnant. The video was captured by the officer’s body camera. Cook was arrested outside her daughter’s school. She reportedly got into an argument with another mother over parking and the police were called. When the officer asked Cook her name, she reportedly told him she legally didn’t have to give it to him. That is when the officer wrestled her to the ground and arrested her.

Charges were later dropped. In California, police can ask you for identification but they can’t arrest you for not giving it.



In the full video, which can be watched here, the police officer NEVER asked the 1st lady her name. However, when he approached Charlena (aka, Michelle), he demanded to know her name. This was after no proof was found that anything had occurred. Is this just bad policing? Perhaps another racist cop? Should the woman have just complied?



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