Kansas City Police Pose With Vandalized Cop Killing Sign

An internal investigation has been launched after photos surfaced on social media of two Kansas City, Kansas officers posing for photos that some say is offensive. Celeste Lona was watching from her home and saw the officers get out of their patrol car to check on a vandalized stop sign that read “Cops STOP murder’n.”  She said she was not sure when the sign was vandalized near Hasbrook Avenue and South 14th Street.

Kansas City, KS, Police Chief Terry Zeigler said he is aware of the officers’ actions and has launched an internal investigation into the matter. At first, Lona thought the officers were there to remove the lettering on the sign, but then she saw them pull out their guns and take each other’s photos under the sign. Lona said she was shocked and found the officers’ actions to be offensive. So she took out her phone and took several pictures of the police posing with their guns. “I am disappointed, it is unacceptable behavior, and we are investigating the matter,” Zeigler said.

“I’m so speechless right now. I can’t believe this really happened, and I was able to witness it,” Lona said. “They were just smiling and giggling about it. They both stood there and took pictures … that was totally unacceptable, very unprofessional actually.” Lona said she supports the department and doesn’t condone this type of behavior.

“You’re just making a mockery of it. Why would you do that?” she asked. She added that police officers have interviewed her about the incident.

The department issued the following statement Sunday night:

“The Kansas City, KS Police Department became aware of the photos depicting officers posing with patrol rifles in front of a stop sign thru social media late yesterday. The photos are disappointing and inappropriate. The Police Department has spent a great deal of time building relationships with the community in order to strengthen the confidence and trust they have our officers.

“We hope the actions of these two officers will be viewed as poor judgement and will not take away from the good work being done every day by members of the Kansas City, KS Police Department in/with members of our community. The incident is currently under investigation.”




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