Federal Agent Forgets Loaded Weapon On Top Of Car – Weapon Is Now Missing

San Francisco police are searching for the gun of a federal agent who lost the weapon after he left it on top of his car and drove off. KGO-TV reports the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent’s loaded service weapon was reported lost in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning. Police say it’s an H&K P200sk .40 caliber handgun.

In the last several months, handguns stolen from federal agents were used in the high-profile slayings of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July and muralist Antonio Ramos in Oakland in September.

While it may seem shocking that a trained, Federal agent would put public safety in jeopardy by losing a loaded weapon, it actually happens more than you think.
In January, FBI agents lost 3 handguns, credentials, and badges when they were stolen from their car. Nobody knows the exact number of weapons missing from law enforcement nationwide, but a report from NBC showed that over 500 weapons were ‘missing’ last year JUST from the San Francisco Bay area.

Why can’t agencies keep track of their weapons, or at least inform the public as to the exact number of missing weapons? Some agencies, like the US Park Service, was discovered to have thousands of undocumented weapons – weapons that were  not listed in their inventory and were kept ‘off the books’.

“We found credible evidence of conditions that would allow for theft and misuse of firearms, and the ability to conceal the fact if weapons were missing,” deputy inspector general Mary Kendall wrote to Jonathan Jarvis, the director of the National Park Service.

I sincerely  hope that whoever took the agent’s weapon disposes of it immediately – because if the agent, or one of his ‘brethren’ find out who it was, you can rest assured that the person will be executed by the same agents, in another bogus ‘I was in fear for my life’ plot.




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