Fed-up motorist shoots at police during traffic stop, dies on scene

The body camera footage of yet another fatal police encounter has been released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The confrontation with police started when Officer Carlos Luna initiated a traffic stop for “an inoperable” taillight. The driver, 54 year old James Todora, was in no mood to play nice with the revenue cops of Las Vegas.

According to the police report, which can be viewed here, police claim that Todora was upset involving another police encounter that occurred the day prior. Todora informed the officer that he had a rifle in his vehicle, and wanted to shoot himself. When the officer ordered Todora to exit the vehicle, he refused. He then retrieved Ruger 9mm P95 handgun that was concealed underneath a blanket in the passenger seat and pointed it at Officer Luna’s head. Apparently the gun misfired (or no round was chambered), as only a clicking noise could be heard afterwards.

By this point, at least three other police were on scene. One officer was struck in the neck. James Todora died on the scene.

With the number of instances of civilians shooting at, or even killing police, I think it’s safe to say that people are reaching their breaking point with police. I am not advocating violence against anyone, but at what point is enough really enough? How long will a ‘civilized’ nation set idly by and allow corrupt police to ‘serve and protect’ us into either the poorhouse or the grave, before we finally fight back? I don’t know when that time will be, but for James Todora, it was on July 10, 2015.



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