Family says video proves police brutality involving 70 year old man

Police were caught on tape and witnesses say there’s foul play. They’re accusing police of brutality.  A video posted publicly to social media has thousands of views. The video’s up-loader says an elderly man, who is his father, was abused. Their posts on social media claim that police barged in without warning and detained his father.

Now, police have opened an investigation and unanswered questions have the public upset.  “Can I please have your badge number.”  An officer declining to be videotaped. Just one event on this video. There are unexplained cuts and gashes on this man’s arms and a concerning exchange of words.  “So, that’s my options? I can either get medical attention, or I can go to jail?”

A voice confirming his options are to go to the hospital or go behind bars. The up-loader says it’s his father speaking. After hundreds of shares on social media, almost 20,000 people have seen it themselves. People living here say the affected family lives in this house and the events happened here. They heard noises late one night this weekend.

“The time is 1:35 AM.”  Hoopeston’s police chief says he’s aware of the video and an investigation has been opened. Witnesses are being interviewed, but there’s no word on who those people are. The Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office says it’s not part of the investigation.

The police chief says, once the investigation is done, the results will be handed over to the local police commissioner’s board. The mayor declined to comment. We also made several attempts to contact the video’s uploader. They have not responded.

The upload had this to say:

” Hoopeston police department, located in Vermilion county area code 60942 abuses 70 year old man with COPD, emphysema, has active brain aneurisms, high blood pressure and has had strokes. The date of the video is may 16th not march. I recorded them within my legal rights as a concerned civilian and was assaulted. The man in the video was in his underwear inside his residence when the officer T. Showers badge no. #245 shined a bright light in his face when he was already informed it could cause seizures. As a result of pleading to please shine the light out of his eyes the police entered a private residence without permission or probable cause and detained a 70 year old man for no reason. And released him without charges and requiring medical attention from their abuse.”






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