CSPD Arrests Passenger For Not Providing Identification

Colorado Springs Police Department arrested a man for not showing identification – even though a passenger is not required to show ID if there is no probable cause. CopsCaughtOnTape has obtained the CSPD police report relating to the case. The report shows that Ryan Brown was simply a passenger in a car that was pulled over by CSPD officer David Nelson. According to the report, Officer Nelson stated they were being pulled over because of an exhaust system that seemed ‘louder than stock’,  for a cracked windshield (crack was 6 inches on the passengers side, and because of dark window tint.  During the traffic stop, the officer demanded to see Ryan’s identification. Courts have repeatedly ruled that police cannot demand identification of a passenger when there is no probable cause. Though it’s hard to make a connection between simple traffic violations and probable cause for an officer to demand identification for a passenger, that didn’t stop Officer Nelson and his partner, Officer Allison Detwiller, from ticketing Ryan Brown for ‘resisting and interference with a public official’.

As first reported by KKTV, the officer forcibly removed the phone from Ryan’s hands and stopped the recording.  KKTV News also confirmed the video is now part of an internal affairs investigation at the Colorado Springs Police Department to find out if anyone did anything wrong. Ryan also said that he thinks they were targeted because of their economic status. His brother was ticketed for no insurance, having a modified exhaust and cracked windshield.

CopsCaughtOnTape.com also reached out to Colorado Springs Police Department, but they refused to comment on the case.

One thing I would like to point out, in the police report, officer Detwiller states ” The passenger later identified as Ryan Brown said “Am I under Arrest?”. I told him he was not under arrest and I only planned on checking him for weapons”. My question is, where is the probable cause to search Ryan Brown? How did being a passenger in a car that was pulled over for minor violations, make the cops suspect that a passenger has a weapon on them? Needless to say, nothing illegal was found on either the driver or the passenger.

The incident happened on 3/25/2015






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