“Cowboy” Cops Arrested For Firing Shots From Moving Vehicle

From left: James Gordon, Chauncy Marris mug shots.

From left: James Gordon, Chauncy Marris mug shots.

ADA, Oklahoma –Two Konawa police officers were arrested after being accused of firing shots from a moving vehicle. Two rookie police officers are suspended while an investigation is underway. The Sheriff’s office said they were driving around Ada, firing guns out of a truck.

Chauncy Marris and James Gordon were arrested Wednesday. Deputies responded to a shots fired call early Tuesday inside the Sandy Creek Mobile Home Park. A witness described the suspect’s vehicle as a red GMC pickup with a tail light out. An Ada police officer found the vehicle with two men and two women inside.

Police said the officers denied firing their weapons, but one of the women in the pickup said they did. Melissa Murphy said she was outside when she heard the gunshots, “I thought they were coming this way, I went in the house, locked the door, got my grandkids, in case they were shooting at trailers,” Murphy said.

Both officers are charged with discharging a firearm from a moving vehicle and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. They were booked into the Pontotoc County Jail.

The Police Chief said both officers just started working for the department last week.



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