APD Officer Threatens People With Taser – Only He Was Off Duty, And Not In Atlanta

Officer Eric Whipple

Officer Eric Whipple

Officer Eric Whipple is making news after breaking up a fight and threatening people with his gun, though he claims it was his taser. The only problem for the Atlanta Police Department officer is that he was 40+ miles outside of the city limits, and he wasn’t on duty at the time.

Officer Whipple, In Civilian Clothes.

Officer Whipple, In Civilian Clothes.

To make matters worse, Officer Whipple was in civilian attire at the time – wearing a black shirt, jeans, and a ball cap when he pulled out his service weapon/taser, and began barking orders.

The Newman Police Department, who actually had jurisdiction in that area, told Officer Whipple that he was going to get into some serious trouble for his actions:

They are going to get you on your actions… you are way outside the city limits, and they don’t like APD officers playing police outside the city.

Another officer on scene stated,

Another officer told Whipple, “It’s probably going to get ugly before it gets better, we’re preparing you for it.

Responding in true cop-logic fashion, Officer Whipple told the officers that “Legally, I’m a police officer in Georgia”. However, the Newman officers quickly reminded him that he’s not deputized as a police officer in their town.

So now it appears that, not only do we have to worry about rogue cops inside their own jurisdiction, but now we have to watch our backs from ‘cowboy cops’ in places where legally, they have no ‘authority’.